Daddy’s Girl

As I sit on my bed i Fort McMurray, wrapped in a Ravenclaw robe that was a Christmas present from my husband, writing consciously for the first time in a couple of months, I find that words have taken on a new form. They feel different, almost foreign. They are less grandiose and uncovered from … More Daddy’s Girl

The Detanglement

For the first time in my life, I slept through my alarm. It wasn’t what I call a fail-n-snooze, where you think you stealthily hit the snooze button but fail miserably and rather turn the whole damn thing off, nor did I accidentally set it to go off in the evening instead of in the too … More The Detanglement

The Mislaid Felicity

The last couple years has increasingly consisted of nice, bright sunshine with only the occasional stormy sky and frosty morning – it was warm and optimistic and had a lot of lightness to it, even when things were difficult or complicated or I hadn’t slept properly for a fortnight. Such was life – and damn girl, it was … More The Mislaid Felicity

YMMFire 2016

I’m writing from my brother-in-law’s couch in the more southern parts of Edmonton. I’m safe, my husband is safe, the cat is safe, our friends and their families are safe. There is a light rain outside, gray skies, a wind with autumnesque undertones – and my chest feels empty. By now, I’ve recounted the story … More YMMFire 2016