Run For Your Wife – Obsessions

I have two obsessions right now (well yes, there are definitely more than just two – but these are getting me all giddy and squeaky at the moment). The first is Grace – You Don’t Own Me ft G-Eazy. It caught my ear while I was driving around yesterday, and has since been spinning in my head non-stop. Not even the Kill Bill whistle managed to butt it out – and you all know how damn near impossible that one is to get rid off. It’s just… really good. Really, really good. Have a listen!

The other thing I’m obsessing with is (damn right you already you guessed it) Run For Your Wife. After three days off I’m having serious withdrawals and I can’t wait to see these fancy-pants people again tonight:


Tonight is a special night! Keyano Theatre is offering Pay What You Can admissions to this show and this show only – so that if you’re down on your luck and need a laugh, curious about the theatre in general or perhaps this show in particular and want come see what all the fuss is about or perhaps you want to see it again without breaking the bank – tonight is the night!

I am all tingly all over –

Click for tickets!

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