The Tale of the Mysterious Foot Pain; Conclusion

Sapphire Photography Sunset Shoot Fort McMurray
Shot by Steve Newman of Sapphire Photography, YMM

What a difference a doc makes! I made the switch from my old family physician to a new office downtown – namely Al-Salam Medical Clinic. All of a sudden, the wait time went from 2-3 hours to five little minutes (my Swedish on-time heart rejoices!). Not only that; the doctor took his time to make sure the proper tests were done (!), the office called me back as soon as they had the results (!!) and the doctor took his sweet time explaining it to me in fifteen different ways, making absolutely sure I understood the ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs and everything in between (!!!). I was so happy I almost weeped. The news weren’t spectacular, but not the end of the world.

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for! The unraveling of the mysterious foot pain! Why has it been aching? Why has it been interestingly swollen? Why have I not been able to run, go for long walks, ride my bike or do yoga since June?

It’s fractured. That’s why. In two places.

At least now I know what’s wrong and can make sure I rest it properly. I also know that it will heal, that this isn’t a permanent condition. This makes me so happy I can jive! Well, perhaps not, but I will celebrate by going to the last Wrath of Shaw Comedy Show of the season (but keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Thunder Struck performances!) tonight and partaking in a glass of wine – keeping it decadent this Sunday.

Wrath of Shaw Thunder Struck Improv Fort McMurray

3 thoughts on “The Tale of the Mysterious Foot Pain; Conclusion

  1. Broken bones. Yuk. But this means no penicillin, and opens up the world of wine, beer, etc, etc for you to enjoy through the last days of summer. Good for you and your foot.

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