Wasting my time wisely

This past month was just as intense as I thought it would be, with the added on stress and pain of a foot infection caused by… reasons, I suppose. Reasons that are still there, causing me pain (it’s been a month since I worked out – I’m getting antsy up in here), but I can walk almost normally again. That is good enough for now.

There are some topics that has been rumbling around upstairs, things I’ve wanted to write about for a while now, things that has been begging to be expressed. I woke up this morning fully intending to get them all out this cloudy Sunday. Then, I sat down to have my coffee, read some blogs I follow, get started – and my brain told me no. Not today. Instead, today will be spent writing personal letters and applying for work, cuddling the cat, some craft making, reading. Sunday things. And an Aerosmith concert tonight; normal Sunday things.

On that note, enjoy some pictures from this last week among the mountain trolls, wedding bells, photo shoots and watching the amazing Against Me! perform at Union Hall in Edmonton. Also, a picture of my cat, because fluffy.

against me                banff banff2 snapchat


             1  5  6


And, as promised; fluff!


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