Tell an audience how you see the world

This play sounds like a lullaby sang in a foreign language by a stranger in a house you’re walking by
This play feels like a deep breath to steady yourself from crying
This play smells like the slightly pungent scent of daisies
This play tastes like ripe oranges
This play looks like a mouse in a labyrinth with the cheese in the wrong spot


For the first time in a little over two years I brought out my tiny red computer, the one I use for creative writing and ideas. I brought it out because I was attending a playwright workshop, something I had never done before. I know there are words in me, stories and tall tales and anecdotes, but I never thought there was a play in there as well. Not in a million years. Thanks to Vern Thiessen, I discovered that there is. The three hour workshop felt like ten minutes, and I feel invigorated – buzzing with the same electricity that is sizzling outside. Between the playwright workshop today and the improv group last Thursday, I’m so inspired that my imagination could run several marathons, do laps around the moon, and still return with enough energy to climb the nearest tree.

Thank you Keyano Theater and Thunder Struck Improv, and an enormous thank you to Mr Thiessen!
My English words are finally developing a rhythm of their own.

Happy Sweden Day!

Photo: Kuz Photography

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