Reignwolf has very little to do with this post,
he’s just great enough to sneak in here and there and everywhere.

I’ve finally been able to start reading again after my almost two year hiatus. I’ve been so attached to books, read so much, that not constantly being in the middle of at least three different ones at once sounded extremely implausible a few years ago. Then the chairmanship happened, life happened I suppose, and suddenly I didn’t find the calmness, the absorption I used to experience when reading anymore. I was the kid who hid in the bathroom during family dinners, not because my cousins weren’t a barrel of laughs, but because they had a great – constantly updated! – collection of comics and magazines in there.

The first adult book I read was Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon, a book my parents insisted I try after having read all the Nancy Drews I could get my hands (and spend my allowance) on. I was eight, I believe, and didn’t stop reading until a couple of years ago. My nose was constantly buried in books, magazines, comics, the back of milk cartons and cereal boxes. Some books I’ve read and forgotten about, others remained as a hazy memory at the back of my mind, some I remember vividly. Only once have I stopped reading a book, angry at how horrible I found it (a Nick Hornby novel, How To Be Good, I believe). Mostly – and to my husbands dismay as he loves introducing me to new authors and series – I reread books. When I’m anxious, irritable, sad, happy – I’ve specific books I return to. They calm me, take me away, even bring me back to past times in my life when I read them. Some traveled around the world with me, some had to be discarded along the way. But I always come back to them, rereading and finding new meanings, new phrases I love, new ideas. They’re dogeared and beaten up, some of them even miss those empty pages in the front, since I have a tendency to eat paper when I get engrossed (I know, I know).

A couple of days ago I started on a new book for the first time in forever – another Stephen King, an added on extra to the Dark Tower series (you haven’t read it? Read it) called The Wind Through The Keyhole and after that, I’m tackling The Celestine Prophesy courtesy of the book club. It feels like my brain is moving again, recharging and rebuilding.

About damn time.


Luke Rhineheart – The Dice Man, Koushun Takami – Battle Royale,
Sofi Oksanen – Purge, Janet Fitch – White Oleander

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