It’s been cold in Fort McMurray lately – which comes as no surprise for anyone who lives here. -42° with wind chill and updates from Sweden that spring seems to be just around the corner feels oh so obscure. I know that there will be days here that are almost too hot, when every single tree is fifty shades of green and you can hear other birds than the ginormous (not kidding, they’re almost half my size – which might be minuscule in human, but god damn gargantuan in bird) ravens – I just have a hard time picturing anything but winter. I need to build the cat a cat tree, so he can sit in the window and spy on the neighbors when spring comes. He’s never seen spring before.kanadakall

But! Something that will sure to make Fort McMurray feel hotter than the bottom of my laptop!

This weekend, Cabaret finally opens at Keyano Theater! I’ve been thrilled to see this show for months, after hearing little snippets of progress from friends in the cast, and being able to have a peek at the set when I did some volunteer painting the other day. Knowing what brilliant artists are involved in this production, my bet is that it will be a magical, hysterical and absolutely amazing piece. I get to see it on Saturday with my lovely Valentines date Andrea, and I’m already jittery with excitement! Have a peek at the preview below!

Break a leg, everyone!
Ya’ll look fab in those teeny weeny panties.

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