IMG_20150124_102532It has been 16 months since I was allowed to work (and it will probably be another 5 months before that status changes). This has proven to be a bit of a challenge, especially since I had grown used to being extremely busy back home – something I had a love/hate relationship with. Since I have had so much spare time for so long, I have been keen to sign up for almost anything volunteer related; be it energy exchange at the yoga studio, helping out at the Cancer Society, theater commitments, taking photos for Snapd magazine as well as trying to keep up with my social and private life.


To my surprise, I  – once again – found myself being extremely busy, and realized the other day that I had – once again – taken on too much (the cue being the stress related breakout suddenly appearing on the left side of my face). I was surprised because I don’t have anything resembling a full time job, I simply do a lot of smaller stuff all around town. In Sweden, we have a saying that goes “många bäckar små, blir till en stor å” (meaning “small streams makes great rivers”), and with all the opportunities presented in Fort McMurray, I suppose all my little streams really did make for a big enough river to turn my cheek into Swiss cheese. Luckily, but with a heavy heart, I was able to pull out of one of my commitments, as to give me time to focus on the production of CRY, opening on March 20, as well as preparing for the part of Alicia in the next Keyano production, Goodnight Ladies.


Also, there’s this little guy, who follows me around everywhere (no, bathroom breaks are no longer private and no, I don’t really mind) and places his toys in precarious places where I’m most likely to trip over them.

Summa summarum: shit’s pretty good. Pretty good indeed. I just have to learn how to pace myself.

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