As I walked into the yoga studio last week, after not having done any sort of exercise besides physio since the accident almost a year ago, I couldn’t help but notice how different it felt. I’m not talking about my new, very low fitness level (touching my palms to the ground? Ah-ha-ha!), I’m talking about the amount of “hi Hanna!”s and “how’s it going?”s.

A year ago I had lived here for almost six months, and back then I hardly ever found a reason to leave either my pajamas or even the house – it felt as if I knew no one. Now, I’m no shining beacon of socializing, but damn does it ever feel good to be back in a place where saying hi and having a small chat with an acquaintance isn’t out of the ordinary. Where little nods and greetings makes you feel as if your part of the community, not ostracized from it. Feeling isolated plays weird and nasty tricks on the mind.

On that note, having gotten to know some amazingly talented people also means I’ve had the opportunity to try some things I’ve never done before, like submit a script proposal to the Stage 2 Productions, audition for a feature film (more on that later) and model both jewelry and boudoir shots for Jennifer Peters at JKPeters Photography, a new photography talent in town. Imagine that, eh? I sure couldn’t, just a short year ago.


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