Today is my birthday, January 8th. I turn 29 years old.

I used to have a very complicated relationship to my birthday; loving and hating it at the same time. Always worrying that it would be forgotten. Worrying so much in fact, that I spent the entirety of high school reminding people of the encompassing importance of this date. In hindsight, starting to nag people in October might have been taking it just a wee bit too far, but so it goes.

This year have felt different – I’ve felt no need to remind people that my birthday is coming up or trying to think of elaborate things to do. Not that I haven’t been looking forward to it – who doesn’t enjoy well-wishes and joyful outbursts? – but the stress connected to it hasn’t been there. Maybe it’s due to these past couple of weeks having been an emotional roller coaster, maybe it’s something that happens as you get older, maybe it’s because it’s a Thursday and Kyle is working and Kajsa left for Sweden yesterday. Whatever the reason, it’s been very calm, and I’ve enjoyed every second.

Tonight is sushi and wine in bed, hopefully with the Return of the Jedi rolling in the background.
Like I said, a good 29th birthday, indeed.

And to everyone who sent birthday greetings, flowers and good vibrations my way;


Hanna Fridhed - 002 - B&W

A very happy camper.
(Photo: JKPeters Photography)

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