I am always telling everyone else to take a chance, live the risk, follow your heart and do what it is you want to do, not what simply pays the bills. I always believe it too. One life only, as it were. You only got one shot, one opportunity… etcetera. etcetera. Don’t wake up when you’re 92, regretting not having done the things you wanted to. Never even tried and failed, just failed.
However, for some reason this never seemed to apply to me. There was always excuses, and bad ones at that. When Kendra asked what was stopping me, why didn’t I just go for it? I shrugged and gave some feeble, half-assed reason that I was getting a little too old to start now, that I never took acting classes like everyone else in the business, that I didn’t know how.

This, my friends and foes, is bullshit.
Utter and complete fucking bullshit.

So I’m going for it.
Tentatively, nervously, cautiously – but I’m going for it.


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